Activision Blizzard sends out survey to gauge NFT interest


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A hot potato: Activision Blizzard, a company with a reputation tarnished by multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, has been failing to endear itself to consumers once again by trying to gauge interest in NFTs, which the majority of gamers hate. But company president Mike Ybarra has seemingly confirmed non-fungible tokens aren't coming to Blizzard games, at least not yet.

Activision Blizzard, currently in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, sent out a YouGov survey to select fans over the weekend that tried to gauge interest in "emerging and future trends in gaming."

Some of the areas in the survey included platform cross-play, artificial intelligence content generation, Artificial/Virtual Reality titles, and cloud gaming. While that all sounds reasonable enough, there were a few topics that in most gamers incite feelings somewhere between apathy and downright hatred: the metaverse, play-to-earn games, and NFTs.

While many people would find a Blizzard survey asking about play-to-earn games and NFTs bad enough, the company went that extra mile by ending the questionnaire with a redirection to its online store. One user reported that answering "no" to the section that asked if they'd played any Blizzard games over the last 12 months ended the survey and opened the shop.

It appears that Activision Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, formerly the corporate vice president at Xbox, was aware of the controversy surrounding the survey and responded with a tweet that read, "No one is doing NFTs." Ybarra was then asked why Blizzard even sent out the poll, but he never answered. Maybe he just meant no one at Blizzard is doing NFTs *yet.*

NFTs have not been having the best of times lately. From Jack Dorsey's first tweet receiving an offer of $6,200 instead of the $48 million the owner expected, to F1 Delta Time shutting down and the Axie Infinity hack. As for Blizzard, it was hit with another sexual harassment lawsuit in March.

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It is kinda sad that at least one person inside Micro-Vision thought to bring this up as "Hey, I don't think NFTs are as poisonous right now the backlash has died down, we should at least gauge the response a bit"

Honestly if you've seen Glengary Glen Rose then you see how their attitude towards gamers (a.k.a. their consumers) is pretty much ABC: try anything and do anything you can get away with, yes even illegal things as long as nobody's watching and even then, we'll try to pull a fast one on you with the police right on the next room.


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I don't see what is so controversial about this. The whole point of a survey is to gather information, and if the execs listen to the survey results, then it is an excellent tool to gauge interest. The statement "Nobody wants NFTS" is meaningless without the data to back it up - which is precisely what a survey provides.


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Sometimes the public doesn't know they want something until they get it. Go back 20 years and ask them if they would want a phone that has internet voice messaging on it. Most would say it's useless, because you can call anyway. NFTs are similar. Most people don't understand Bitcoin, let alone Smart Contract platforms, for them to even begin understanding NFTs. That's why sometimes you can't follow survey responses.

The day that a game nails NFTs, we will never go back.