Ad Aware Delete Issue...***help!!!***

By rfuscjr
Mar 21, 2005
  1. I would appear my old Win98, only used several hours a month for dial email and some net surfing PC got some sort of trojan virus which Norton could not irradicate. 'Bargain Buddy' among other things.

    Anyway, to get to the point, I downloaded and ran Ad Aware Se 1.05, the free version. It found a bunch of junk. I select them all and click: YES to fix the problems. It says it will remove everthing selected. A delete bar then appears. It gets a third of the way thru and just stops. It never continues, I can not close the bar yet I can get to the screen behing it and quaranteen the file. I have not heard back from lava soft. I uninstalled Ad Aware and tried again...same thing.

    Also, after all, WINDOWS EXPLORER does not work. It brings up and IE error (yes an IE error, note IE does not work either). Also I can no longer click MY COMPUTER or go START SETTINGS; again the IE error. I re-installed IE6 but it made no difference.

    The only good news is that my dial up works and I have Netscape. The little 'Bargain Buddy' dog is gone, things are working at normal speed again. I can no longer use WINDOWS EXPLORER though.

    My PC came with only a master restore disk that I am hesitant to use. I do have my Dad's Win98 disks and key...I am tempted to try to reinstall WIN98.

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