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Ad Aware Playing up

By Ollie30001 ยท 5 replies
Aug 31, 2007
  1. hello all, i have had ad aware for a looong time now but since the last software downlods it wanted me to download the tray icon has come up at the bottom and i cant get it to go away, i have tried stopping the service in msconfig ect, but it just keeps starting up. i also tried stoppin the servicein services.msc but that stops the programme working altogether.

    ang ideas how to get rid of the thing or any one no if its just a **** up on the latest updates?

    also sometimes wen i stop it in msconfig it turnes automatic updates off.

    cheers for any info
  2. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    you don't really want to stop a service in msconfig, if you want it to stop coming up at startup untick it in the "startup" tab

    you could also try stopping it in windows task manager, press ctrl + alt + del and find its process in the processes tab and click end process
  3. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    I also has AdAware for many years, but I had the paid version, AdAware SE Plus. It had a Real Time monitor, AdWatch, that could be left on and the icon sat in the Notification area. It gave an alert if a Registry change was being attempted.

    You don't need AdAware to start up when you boot and you don't need it to do auto updates. I don't have the 2007 version and it may have changed. But I did not do auto updates, turned AdWatch off and had no icon. I updated right before each scan.
  4. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Uninstall your current version and download and install this older version. That should solve your problem.

    Regards Howard :)
  5. Ollie30001

    Ollie30001 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 144

    aye cheers m8 i was looking for the older version for bloody ages, duno why but the 2007 one has been fine up untill yesterday, i also turn it completly off and update just before scanning every friday or sat, ne how cheers for the link ill stck wiv this version till maby there is another update for 2007 that sorts it out.

    ina bizzle
  6. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    Ad-Aware as in Lavasoft Ad-Aware? Ewwwww!!! Never in a million years would I ever install that lame product into my system again. Even their paid version is lame. To me, it is about as awful as Norton Antivirus. It just gives me shivers to think that someone would want to put this horrible stuff into a computer.

    My weapon of choice is Spybot. I realize that Spybot is not the easiest to use nor is it the best but it is far better than Ad-Aware ever will be. I recall a client that brought his computer to me. He said he thought it was virus infected but he wanted me to look at it although his paid Ad-Aware version said his system was clean. I looked through his settings to ensure they scanned everything without any exceptions and then prior to scanning, I looked for an update and installed it. I recall my client sitting there watching his precious paid-for Ad-Aware scanning his computer for viruses. About 15 minutes later, it was finished and it said there was nothing on his system.

    I then convinced my client to let me put on Spybot. After setting it up and getting all the updates and immunizing it, I performed a scan. At the end of that scan, Spybot showed over 300 viruses in his computer. Spybot removed all the viruses as my client sat there in a daze, telling me that he felt like he had been ripped off by Ad-Aware.

    He informed me to uninstall his precious Ad-Aware and to show him how to use Spybot.

    I've used alot of different antispyware programs. There is not 1 program that gets all of them. I've read lots of reviews about other antispyware claiming they're #1 but upon realizing that the antispyware company was their sponsor, I soon realized they were being paid to put that particular company at the top of the list.
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