Adaptive testing.

By nick_brien53
Nov 16, 2005
  1. An adaptive test is tailored to the individual exam taker. Each candidate starts with an easy-to-moderately difficult question; those answering the question correctly get a more difficult follow-up question. If that question is answered correctly, the difficulty of subsequent questions likewise increases. Conversely, if the first question is answered incorrectly, the following questions will be easier. This process continues only until the adaptive algorithm determines the candidate's score.

    The key difference candidates notice between adaptive exams and conventional exams is that they cannot skip or go back and review previously answered questions on adaptive exams. A screen at the beginning of the exam informs candidates that reviewing previous questions will not be allowed.

    Microsoft does not currently employ adaptive testing algorithms in any of its exams.
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    well done!

    Really your information on adaptive testing is too good and it has cleared some of my confusions. Well done!
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