Adding an audio-in device for a TV tuner card

By joemadeus
Nov 29, 2005
  1. I've been trying to get my PVR-150 (Hauppauge) going with apps (WDM) that'll capture AVI. I can't capture the audio coming off the card: I know it's tuning the audio, but there's no audio line-in for that feed. I also know that previous versions of the installer that came with this card used to install the audio side of the tuner as an audio line-in device. Does anyone here know how to add an audio device for the tuner card?

    See this thread, too: It shows a DirectShow graph I've put together (in GraphEdit) that works. It's just a matter of getting the apps I want to use to recognize the audio device.

    Thanks for the help -- this has been busting me for a while, now.

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