Adding old hard drive to new computer ?

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Sep 3, 2006
  1. I'm trying to install an old hard drive (80GB) which has personal data on it so not wanting to wipe it. Problem is that although its recognised in bios and device manager it doesn't show up in my computer. I know that if I go through the drive management I can format it from there. As I don't want to lose the data is there another way of getting xp to recognise the drive.

  2. DiscoDavey

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    Ok found out the problem - the drive had previously been formatted using XP Pro - my computer is now using XP home - and therefore appears in **** management as "Foreign" - so there lies the problem ...... anyone now of a workround or to I have to take it to some computer shop to have the date taken off, disk formatted and then data put back on.??????
  3. Samstoned

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    read up on taking ownership of drives
    under sharing and security tab
    advanced take ownership tick bottom box for subcontaiers and objects

    you must do this in safe mode for xp home

    let us know how it goes
  4. Tedster

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    get a usb to ide adapater. Format the drive after retrieving files.
  5. Char_X

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    DiscoDavey, I reccomend you to backup your data before doing something. Of corse if it is important for you...
  6. korrupt

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    You'll need to take ownership of the drive as samstoned said and then you can extract your important data.


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