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Ads with an audience that has no life!

By Spike
Feb 25, 2006
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  1. I'm sure we're all sick of hearing the words "say something" by now. In fact, I've developed an almost pavlovian conditioning where every time I hear it I wand to throw a fist in its direction, which I must admit shocked a few of my family members.

    Anyway - this has had me thinking about how irritating internet ads can be. That is, untill I saw an internet ad that suddenly made me feel a whole lot better by making me realise how irritating people can be sometimes...

    It went...
    Is the human population really so irrecoverably boring that there is now a really large group of people that stumble from personal site to personal site, each new site to relieve the bordom of the last? Maybe it's an overreaction on my part, but to me That's a pretty comforting thought. Nomatter how bad it gets, at least I haven't been reduced to a point where such an advert looks in the slightest bit appealing.

    Are there any ads on the internet at the moment that have struck any chords with anybody els - particularly (though not exclusively) if they've been aimed at people with no life at all.
  2. LuminaryJanitor

    LuminaryJanitor TS Rookie

    There's one which is so unbelievably *****ic that I just get the urge to find something sharp and stab myself in the brain... I got the same feeling when I discovered that there are actually intelligent people who believe in the Time Cube...

    I'm talking, of course, about the Green Card Lottery. That people actually believe the "US Program of Green Card" raffles off permanent visas, and the US government will just hand them out to the winners regardless of who they are, and they require an upfront payment, and will pay your airfare, and advertises this lottery on porn sites... It boggles the mind...

    I know there actually is an official "Green Card Lottery", but as far as I know it's little different from a normal visa application - you still need to meet the same eligibility requirements, and then you may or may not get in, depending on how many immigrants the government plans to allow.

    The word "lottery" - the implication of something for nothing - just seems to drive people crazy. Any ad along those lines (something for nothing) is equally ridiculous. If something claims to be "free", then it's not. How do you think they're paying for the ad? If an ad says "Work from home - earn $5000 a week!", you've got to ask yourself, why the hell are they spending their money to help other people? If such a job actually exists, why aren't they paying someone $500 a week to do it and keeping the profits?

    Sorry for that little rant... but I really, really hate advertising puke: . And capitalism in general. And socialism in practice. And human nature. The problems with all of these stem from the same thing - people's willingness to **** other people over for their own advantage.
  3. lithiumdeuterid

    lithiumdeuterid TS Rookie Posts: 88

    I hate how advertising panders to the *****s. I know it's not their fault; they are forced to do it to maximize their potential audience. Rather, I place the blame on the *****s who click the ads and actually buy stuff. There has to be someone doing it, otherwise nobody would spend any money to put up ads. You know who you are! Damn you people!

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