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Advent T1 Problems (Shutsdown)

By mscwd · 5 replies
Mar 6, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Before I go in to explaining my problem I did a search of this site and found someone else who had a similar sounding problem here: https://www.techspot.com/vb/post164706-4.html However the solution to his problem was not resolved in the thread.

    I have an Advent T1 (All-in-one pc), it is just over 3 years old, and recently has been having a few problems.

    Approximately 3 weeks ago I turned it on and everything loaded fine, it went to the desktop as usual. However about 3 minutes after being used the screen went blank (completely off - not just black) and it sounded like the whole pc "shut down". The fans stopped and everything went quiet, apart from the blue standby light remaining on. It went into a sort of hibernation state although it was as if it had shut down as you could not recover it.

    I had to manually turn the pc off and restart it, once it loaded again the same thing happened - after approx 3 mins usage it would shut down. After several system restores I opted for a complete reformat to see if this would solve the issue. However for the next few days the same thing continued to occur. You would turn the pc on and randomly it would shut down without notice (as if you pulled the plug). However after the reformat the pc would often run for longer, 20 mins to a few hours, before shutting down.

    Over the next few weeks the pc seemed to sort itself out, I have been using it extensively throughout the day and it has worked fine. However yesterday the same problem resurfaced. I had been using it for over an hour and then, out of the blue, it shutdown.
    I was listening to music at the time; the screen went blank the fans went off, all noises usually made by the pc when working stopped - the music continued playing though for about 5 seconds before that stopped too. Again the only signs of life was the blue standby light.

    The problem has baffled me as I cannot understand why it originally went wrong then, for the past few weeks it has worked fine, only to go wrong again.

    I believe it may be overheating as I am sure its full of dust inside (being an all-in-one pc I havent been able to open it to clean). However i'm not certain. I also read that the power supply may be an issue but again, why would it work fine sometimes then not others?

    At the moment the pc has been on over 2 hours and it is still working fine, but could go off any minute.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue or heard of it happening before?



    P.S. I really should get it serviced, just to give it a good clean out inside, however how possible is it, that overheating is causing this problem?
  2. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    if it is that dusty in side heat is a big possibility, if it has never been blown out and u do not know how I would strongly suggest that u get it serviced...!!!!!!!
  3. gillscott

    gillscott TS Rookie

    Advent Sutdown

    Hi there. My advent has been periodically doing this for a year or so now.
    I have now got off my **** and called Techguys at £1.50 a minute for advice. Nothing sensational from them except I will be getting them out to look at my PC at home. £90 plus parts is the quote so I'm just going to have to bite the bullet. Hope the solution is found as its been causing me irritation for a while now. Hope you get sorted. its obviously a weakness of these machines.
  4. mscwd

    mscwd TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Do let me know how you get on. I have been wondering whether to phone the tech guys, its just their phonelines annoy me having to pay so much before even knowing if they can fix it.

    On another note my pc has been working fine for a week or so but has just gone wrong again, hence using my spare pc to write this.

    However this time it went a little different. You know that "click" sound as the pc turns itself off automatically after shutdown? Well while on the desktop that clicksound occured about 3 times in quick succession, so quick that although the monitor went off the pc was still "alive" in the background - when I held the on/off button in the shutdown sound played and turned off normally.

    I think it may be a problem with the part which initiates the power off sequence i.e. after telling it to shutdown the device which makes that "click" and cuts the power to turn off. I think that may be cutting the power every so often when the pc is being used.

    Tell the tech guys and see what they say,

  5. wdi1232000

    wdi1232000 TS Rookie

    Put the advent t1 down onto a soft towel screen side onto the towel hang the base over a worktop and remove the plastic screw covers with a pin easy as thay go back as there sticky remove the base first then the top screws and side screws then remove the back just unplug the speaker plug from the board

    Then remove the fan case and copper heatsink it gets blocked up with dust jusk give it a clean with a soft brush and put it all back,

    the psu needs to be replaced as thay overheat

    morgen computers manchester has them

    mine had the same problem its been working great now for 2 years

    hope this helps

  6. arbarday

    arbarday TS Rookie

    Hi all! I have discovered why the T1's are shutting down! It's all to do with the power connector at the pack of the computer. Frankly it's rubbish. The connector has multiple pins from the power supply unit that carry different voltages for the motherboard, the screen and in particular the cooling fans. if the connector is not squarly seated fully in it seems the pins supplying power to the fans don't connect and so fans don't run when the processor gets hot and the thermal cutout kicks in and the pc shuts down. this problem can start out of the blue after you so much as move the T1, shifting the angle of the power socket. Since I have discovered this I always press the power connector in firmly and squarly and I have had no problems, in fact when the computer is working hard like it's good to hear the fans speed ramp up. Cheers.
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