Advice on a new system.

By Rossi79
Mar 31, 2007
  1. :) hi all,
    Im looking to build a pc up to sell,but im worried it may not be able to play this years up and coming games such as quake wars and crysis ect,so i dont want to be false advertising.
    This is the spec of the machine im going to build:-

    Abit SLI mainboard
    3.8 dual amdx2 (am2 Socket)
    1 gig ocz ddr2 800mhz Ram
    250 sata hard drive (Barracuda)
    2x palit Ge-force 256Mb Graphic cards(These are what im worried about most)
    Operating System-Vista 64Bit home Basic(unsure about this aswell)

    If anyone can give me some solid advise on this setup i would really appreciate it,please note that im aware i can build alot better system by upgrading the operating system and maybe some more high ended graphic cards,but im trying to build an half decent machine on a real low budget!

    Many Thanks,

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