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Jun 1, 2007
  1. hello everyone. Im at it again,have a asus 478 mobo w/ 756(512+256)2700mhz ram,celeron d 2.9ghz cpu.I was thinking of puttingin a p4 800mhz fsb with hyper threading in place of celeron d. I found a p4 for under 80.00 dol. I HAVE A 350 W. ps in place.just want to upgrade what I have. Not looking for new sys. just yet. Is is worth the bucks?
  2. CMH

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    what do you plan to achieve with this upgrade? If you don't use CPU intensive applications, you won't see any difference in performance.

    But I think I can guarantee that a P4 of roughly the same speed (in Ghz) with an 800mhz bus would perform a lot better than your current Celeron. The question now is: will you see any performance difference in your daily computing?
  3. PaulWuzHere

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    That celeron has 256k of L2 cache. That P4 has ether 512K or 1M. So, yes you will tell a difference. Light gaming ,music, movies. Everything will run better. All you need is the CPU and a tube of artic silver thermal compound. You'll be good to go.
  4. eightwpm

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    advice on upgrade.

    thanks for the info "paulwuzhere".pretty much what was said in ur reply,is what I do. Gamer,lite. music,moderate,some pics with small library. I keep my machine pretty well maintained,defrag,empty rec. bin,unused folders,etc.... Occasionally it will freeze up during counterstrike,or online game. Im trying to get the most out of pc before it really turns into dinosaur.appreciate your response.I am receiving cpu in a couple days, will install,post results.
  5. CMH

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    If you game, you'd see the difference.

    Music and movies, I doubt you can, or even office applications.

    Unfortunately, the socket 478 is already a dinosaur....
  6. PaulWuzHere

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    socket 478 is still a good platform for a daily use PC. The cpus went as far as 3.2Ghz I believe. Mine ran well for many years. Also make sure you ground yourself believe playing around in your case. I fried a P4 2.4Ghz that way.
  7. Fragrant Coit

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    You should notice a difference. Run a 2m Superpi on the Celeron, then on your P4 and ther'll be a good 20 seconds + difference.

    Celerons have a small Cache, and dont have Hyperthreading.

    You may want to grab some DDR400 instead of the DDR333 you have now. If the board has Dual Channel, use it for a slight boost - ie 2x 512Mb in the same coloured slots.

    Just double check the Motherboard Manufacturers website & make sure the board supports the CPU you have in mind.
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Celly is crap compared to the Pentium 4. A large performance increase wouldn't be surprising, unless the P4's one of 'em old Williamette CPUs. ;) Hell, my dad uses one of those and it still works like a charm.
  9. eightwpm

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    thanks techspot people, all responses are great,exactly what i was looking for, different views. receiving p4 prescott. Mobo is asus p4vx-mx,supports p4 prescott,HYPER-THREADING "ready". Am I missing something here?Unfortunately ram support is 2gb ddr 333/266.
  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Make sure that the specific processor you're getting is compatible with that mobo's current BIOS revision. I think it'll work though.
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