Advice: xfx 7950gt caught fire...

By Depoman33438
Nov 27, 2007
  1. Hola everyone - got a problem and hoped to get some advice or thoughts...

    So I recently purchased some components to build a computer - Asus m2n32 sli deluxe, amd 64 x2 6000, 2 gig ram, xfx 7950gt, X-FI xtreme gamer, new case and other things (hard drive, PSU and dvd drive from previous machine - none of which are over a year old).

    Well I put the system together and it ran perfect for about a week and half. This past weekend I was changing the case fans and replacing the heatsink to improve airflow. When I was done, I hit the power switch and nada. I checked the connections and everything, finding no problems. I spoke with a neighbor who advised I should try a new PSU. So I go grab one at the store (Antec 500 watt), go home and plug everything in...

    I push the power button and FLASH, I can see the small fire on the top of the video card and immediately shut it down. Ok so a chip on the video card was pretty much cooked off. And after attempting to use the hard drive on another computer, I discovered that a chip on the hard drive PCB was visibly melted. The strange thing is, I am pretty sure that I didn't even plug the new PSU to the hard drive (just the MB to see if I got a post)

    What would be the most obvious source of this? The old PSU (which was not really powerful enough 430 watt)?

    I already sent the video card back for a replacement, but I am afraid the MB, ram and CPU may also be fried. I am waiting for a friend to bring over his AMD rig so that we can test the components individually...

    Any advice as to what could cause this would be most welcome...
  2. Tmagic650

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    This system could have been hit by a power surge, and "slightly" damaged components... after a week and a half, the damage worsened. The motherboards damaged voltage regulators probably took out the video card
  3. Depoman33438

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    Appreciate the info Tmagic650 - Guess I will probably end up replacing most everything.
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