Advise-a-noob please on Winamp>Revo 7.1>external DAC

By Rastawolf
Jun 11, 2003
  1. My Cambridge Audio DACMagic2 has a spare digi input and since the Revo has a digi out I was looking to bypass the Revo DAC :)


    DAC accepts 32, 44.1 & 48kHz inputs.

    Winamp is my player of choice and the Revo will only used for playing internet radio streams (anything from 24 to 128kbps) and mp3 files - my pc also has a SonicFury in it for all other playback (games etc).


    Can the Revo do ordinary stereo (not surround) digital output?*

    Winamp display shows either 22 or 44kHz depending on what I'm listening to (using only the standard Winamp DirectSound output plugin at present). While 44(.1?)kHz output is presumably fine, what about the 22Khz? Do I need to use a resampling plugin, if so what is my best choice? Or can I fix the Revo's output (get Revo to resample rather than the plugin)?

    *If for some reason I can't do this at all with the Revo are there any other reasonably cheap soundcards (not Creative ones!!! a long story but I'll never touch a Creative soundcard again) which can do what I want?

    Sorry for rambling but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated :)
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