After recovery windows only starts on 2nd boot up !

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Feb 11, 2004
  1. I recently had to do a recovery but it would not take on my primary drive. The computer came back and said that it could not recover to the current volume and asked if I would like to recover to the alternate volume (my slave drive). I said yes and the recovery was successful although now I had to switch the drives jumper settings and reinstall them. Now the computer boots up OK but only after the second boot. I have done a chkdsk/f and the process did relocate some files at which point I thought that would make a difference but it did not. Can anyone think of anything which would cause this boot on the second try only problem???
  2. Nodsu

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    What exactly happens when it fails to boot? How far does it get? What error messages if any?
  3. friend2u

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    This is what it does !

    On the first boot it gets to a dark screen sometimes you will see the cursor blink in the upper left corner sometimes you dont.

    On the second try you will see the "HP Intel logo" come up at which point you can pretty well tellthat it has gone further and sure enough windows does start and everything seems fine.
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    Go into your BIOS and check the bootup-sequence, if a Harddrive is first, it might be your original (Master) from before your jumper-swapping. That master is now slave if I understand you correctly.
  5. friend2u

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    Re: Drive settings in BIOS

    Blackstuff.....I checked and the drives are correct in BIOS.

    On the first boot it gives the dark screen and the cursor will flash awhile in the upper left corner then the screen remains dark infinitely. On the second boot I will always get the dark screen but the start option choices will come up for safe mode, normal, last known config..etc etc. I am going to go out on a limb a bit here and say that the system probably realizes that a failed attempt occurred on the last boot so it automatically gives the option screen on the second attempt. I am still at a loss on this one.
  6. poertner_1274

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    Yes, if it tries to boot but doesn't make it all the way it will give you that option, so you can troubleshoot whatever your problem is. After you get it to boot properly the second time go to your event viewer and see if you have any red X's or Yellow !'s.
    If nothing in there, try enabling bootlogging by going to Start>>Run>>msconfig Then go to the boot.ini tab and choose /bootlog. This will log what is going on and maybe you can diagnose something that way.
  7. friend2u

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    I enabled the bootlog and I checked the boot path, it came back that the path was OK. I am a little confused as to where the log is kept for viewing. I looked in the Event viewer and here were a few failures but seemed to e application failures that would become successful on the following line so I assume thats OK.
    Also when I restart rather then cold boot windows comes up fine it is only the cold boot which hangs me in dark land on the first try. I also tries the "diagnostic mode" for booting and the same problem occurred. I realize the computer will boot without autoexec.bat and config.sys but I wonder if either could cause this. Also there is mention that the boot.ini file can be modified but
    it recommends that a Microsoft tech do it. If there were a memory problem could it cause this? The problem occurs after the Phoenix Bios text scrolls quickly down the screen and then "darkness forever" (until the second boot when the start option screen will appear)!
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