After XP logo startup, screen goes blank

By kdp1997
Aug 4, 2007
  1. This morning, all was well. All I did was a simple BCWIPE of my free space as I did a million times to help maximize my HD space. I come home, reboot the PC, and the black animated XP startup screen comes on, and then POOF,,,the screen goes to the choices for safe mode, safe with network, and last known good settings,,,telling me that something prevented the PC from starting up.

    After choosing safe mode, it goes back to the choice screen again,
    and if I choose best known settings which last worked, or start windows normally,,the screen tries to start up, but then stays black and blank!! BTW...I tried to enable VGA, no dice !! what have I done??? Should I just reformat?

    What the heck did I do?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. kdp1997

    kdp1997 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Should I get a windows XP CD any way I can??


    If I can get to use a computer tommorow in another house to make a floppy, what do I need to do?

    --just make a boot disk?

    --or are there other files that i need to make sure that I have on this floppy drive?

    --Are any files needed to be created on a CD together with the floppy?
  3. hramos86

    hramos86 TS Rookie

    Windows goes blank after Startup.

    As said in the title, my windows goes blank, black screen that is, after the windows logo startup. I dont know wtf happen but this sh*$ is aggravating me. Last known activities were:
    >Removing b.s programs
    >and Moving media files (i.e audio and video)
    I did all these activities in "SAFE MODE". After I "START WINDOWS NORMALLY" it appear to remain on "SAFE MODE". I repeated this a number of times, and the same thing happened. My contingency was to start on "LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION". After i selected this option, windows loaded normally, up untill after the windows logo, after which the screen became blank (Black). Although screen is blank, i could still navigate "blind".
    Starting windows and shutting it down are about the only things i can do blindfolded. I dont have a windows xp cd, my computer was bought in 04'. I need some hardcore help.
  4. Master Ecks

    Master Ecks TS Rookie


    I will post a quick solution, when I ever post my solutions are 100%.

    This is my first post on these forums, however there is no substitute for my solutions.

    Problem: Blank screen after windows XP boot logo

    Cause: Resolution settings are too high for your monitor

    Solution: Change from your current CRT to LCD
    Boot computer into Safe mode (F8 button as you boot), set resolution down to 800x600 by right clicking desktop-properties-settings tab
    Remote 3rd party software that may be controlling resolution depending on your graphics card (Note: Only remove program,not drivers)
    Do a system restore to the date before you adjusted your display settings
    (Note: You will not lose any recently saved data)


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