AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 Delivers Dynamic Cross-Platform Physics Game Action

By Julio Franco
Mar 21, 2006
  1. Latest SDK Upgrade Provides Support for Next-Gen Consoles and Optimized Driver Support for AGEIA PhysX Processor on “Physics Accelerator” PC Add-in Boards

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – March 21, 2006 – AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced availability of the cross-platform AGEIA PhysX™ SDK v2.4, the latest version of its acclaimed physics API and runtime engine.

    With the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4, developers can create rich physics-based environments and effects for both next-generation gaming platforms and PCs with “PhysX Accelerator” PC add-in boards from ASUS and BFG Technologies featuring the AGEIA PhysX processor.

    The AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 enables unprecedented game action for both PCs and next-generation game consoles. Game developers can now create dynamic game scenes with unprecedented interactive and destructible environments, in which collisions and interactions between multiple objects or fluids cause real-life reactions on a massive scale.

    Beyond providing the ability to develop dynamic physics in games for cross-platform availability, the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 includes two significant physics features – cross-platform cloth and hardware-accelerated joints.

    Cross-Platform Cloth API
    The AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 contains a groundbreaking cloth API – the only commercially available cross-platform cloth solution enabling dynamic tearing in real time. With the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4, developers can stretch, twist, drape and attach cloth to other rigid-body objects and then have the cloth interact with the environment, creating dramatically realistic “cause and effect” game experiences.

    Hardware-Accelerated Joints
    In addition, developers can use AGEIA’s new hardware-accelerated joints to create and accelerate far more sophisticated and articulated objects and effects -- all of which act and react with real-life or programmed physics attributes -- than possible with software alone. The impact of including sophisticated accelerated joints on the game experience will include being able to dramatically enrich games with large quantities of ragdolls and pervasive interactive grass and foliage and/or hair.

    Qualified developers can obtain versions of the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 for PC and the Xbox360 videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft directly from AGEIA. To download the PC SDK or obtain more detailed information on the capabilities of the AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4, please visit the AGEIA website at Development of AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 for "PLAYSTATION®3" is in progress to optimize the performance of the Cell chip; further details will be available to licensed "PLAYSTATION®3" title developers from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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    Just sent them an email asking where/when we can get our hands on a PPU.. It'll be interesting to see what they reply.
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