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By Harry_Beast · 13 replies
Feb 6, 2006
  1. Anybody know what card I can use for this motherboard? It is an Asus P4S8X with a Sis648 chipset.The manual says the AGP slot will support any AGP 8X/4X/2x 1.5V cards.
    The Radeon X850pro uses 12v direct from the power supply.Can this be put in the slot?--or should I just go for a less powerful card.
    My current card is a GeForce4 Ti4200(now deep-fried).
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Any of todays agp 4x or 8x cards will be ok.

    The fact that the X850pro uses 12v direct from the power supply is nothing to worry about.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    The 1.5V refers to the voltage of the AGP slot as apposed to the voltage required to power the card. As the previous reply mentions all modern AGP cards work with 1.5 volt AGP slots. As the X850pro requires a direct input from the power supply you should make sure this is powerful enough, a 400watt PSU should be enough but the more the better.

    Enjoy your new card!
  4. compres

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    The only 3.0V AGP cards are the very (very!) old ones. There is no x850 with a 3.0 volt interface in existence.
  5. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Thanks for the info!! My power supply is only 300w.The computer is 3 years old,so rather than get into a cascading pile of upgrades,I am looking for a more compatable card!
  6. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    If you stick with the 300w PSU i would recommend getting a cheaper card. I've never used ATI cards so i'll stick to what i know and suggest the nvidia geforce 6200 or 6600 (not GT!) as these will show a massive improvement over your Ti4200 (i used to have one) and should work fine with a 300w PSU. I suppose the radeon 9800 or x700 would be similar, but as i said i'm not as clued up on these!

    Also if you could give more specs of your PC it would help, as there's no point going for higher-end cards if your other components aren't up to a similar standard.
  7. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Hi Cookiedude I think you sold me on a 6200.The Asus N6200/TD128mb is going for $80 at Bestbyte.
    The rest of the system is a P4 2.4cpu Western Digital 80g 7800rpm.Only 512 ram DDR333,but I am going to double that.
  8. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    The 6200 should suit your system well. Its always good to have as much RAM as you can afford too, plus DDRs pretty cheap at the mo. So doubling that's a good move.
  9. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Case closed---I bought and installed the 6200.Now I have another problem!!
    With the drivers from the disk installed,I could use the smart doctor over clocking utility.At that point I also had the Asus enhanced driver and the Nvidia driver.
    Before I downloaded the new driver I went to the remove programs utility to blow away the old drivers. There were 2 programs,asus enhanced showing memory used,and Nvidia with no memory being used.Blew both away.downloaded and installed new driver.Tested it on Quake 4 demo-not too bad!!-Tryed to use the smart doctor to overclock--The Message:Asus enhanced display driver not installed!
    AND-the asus support site is not available at this time-try again later!!
    I searched both my mobo disk and agp disk for this driver with no luck-and I don't want to re-install the card software again-Probably have to update and go in circles again!!
  10. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    have u installed the latest nvidia drivers from their website. Also if u want to OC ur card then ive always found CoolBits to work well, its nvidia's own OCing facility and is usually inherent on all nvidia cards it just needs activating. do a search for coolbits in google n it'll bring up all the info you need.

    As for the ASUS drivers i would suggest renistalling software for your card from scratch then, rather than deleting any of the drivers, update using the latest nvidia drivers.

    Personally i prefer not to overclock my graphics card as some recent games refuse to run properly with overclocked hardware, such as Doom 3.
  11. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Man ,you are a wealth of info--I was considering that option.The nice feature with the Smart Doctor is that it gives you a display with sliders so you can bump up the core and memory speed a bit at a time.
  12. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    CoolBits works the same way, slider for memory and a slider for core. You tend to get seperate settings for 2D and 3D so if you only want OCing while running games you only adjust the 3D settings.
  13. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Got card running smoothly--Blew away all the enclosed drivers ,installed the 81.98 driver.Still might move up to the 6600gt tho!!I have a few days to return the 6200.
  14. Harry_Beast

    Harry_Beast TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 73

    Yup---moved up to the 6600gt-runs fine on 300w
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