AGP adapter not detected, please help!!!

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hi guys,

i have just built another pc which i am planning on using for older games, as a have lots of good old games which i would like to play again.
so, here is the problem- after installing windows 98, and getting into windows for the first time, i immidiately went to change the screen resolution, and colour quality, but for some unknown reason, i cannot change the screen resolution to any other option but 640x480. i also cannot change the coulor quality as it is set on something ridiculasly low. i have a ge force mx440 128mb graphics card which is not faulty, and when i check in device manager the graphics card is not listed as my card but a standard pci graphics direct draw does not seem to be working properly either.

thanks v much for reading

any helpful suggestions will be greatly appriciated!!!

Fragrant Coit

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You'll need to install Drivers for the Card. Go to NVidia & get the ones to suit your Card & '98.

You may need to get Audio drivers too if U have no sound.

'98 doesn't have that many "inbuilt" drivers & isn't as Plug & Play as XP.

Also, make sure DMA is enabled on your Hard Drive & Optical Drives or it'll be s l o w. To enable DMA, go to Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Disk Drives > <any IDE drive present> > Properties > Settings > Options > Enable DMA. reboot the computer and then recheck the DMA box, it should stay ticked.
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