Agp card installed as pci?

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Dec 24, 2005
  1. Just recently i upgraded my motherboard and processor finally after a long long wait of upgrading piece by piece.

    I got a k8 triton series motherboard from Gigabyte, alont with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor.

    Everything seems to be working ok except for one thing.

    When i try to play certain games that detect hardward on startup, they tell me that i currently have my card running in PCI mode which will greatly lower my performance, and that i should update the chipset drivers to fix the issue.

    I've already updated the drivers, and they're the latest, but it doesnt seem to change the pci thing.

    And when i try to play anyway.. true enough, its worse than my old 950.

    Any ideas on how to fix the problem and perhaps set this card to its correct configuration--as agp?

  2. Mirob

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    Try removing video drivers, then upgrading AGP driver(could be part of chipset drivers), and install video card drivers again.

    If you did not reinstall your OS with the new mobo you may have many driver problems.
  3. Arcanum

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  4. Mirob

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  5. Midnite

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    arf ^^

    Heya, thank you both for your replies, as its greatly helped me

    It turns out the cd that came with my new motherboard is a rotten egg. It SAID it installed all the drivers in about 30 seconds, without asking for a restart which i thought odd... turned out it installed nada, zilch, nothin'.

    I installed the chipset drivers, among the other few, and now i'm running great.

    Thank you sooo much for your help

    --midnite wolfy :)
  6. Arcanum

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    No problem, that's why we are here for, glad we could help! :)

    Merry Christmas and have a good time!
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