agp pci lock questions

By blah3
Apr 2, 2007
  1. Hi, I can't seem to find that much information about AGP and PCI locks on the bios.

    Apparently, my MSI KT4A-V(MS-7021) bios doesn't have an AGP/PCI lock, and I want to overclock my FSB. I bought a PCI SATA controller, and overclocking the FSB will make my system freeze. I want to know..

    1)If there is anyway to get an AGP/PCI lock for my system
    2)I know so far that agp/pci frequencies are supposed to be 66/33, so how would I calculate agp and pci frequencies?
    3)If I get a bios upgrade from eSupport, will it have an agp/pci lock and will it work?
    4)Are there any other stable pci/agp frequencies that I can use?
    5)If I have to replace the mobo to overclock, what mobo would you recommend that would fit my current hardware config?

    -I've read this thread, but even if I set my FSB to 166, my computer will still lock up, like when the computer is reading or transferring large files. If I set my FSB to 100 or 133, the computer will not lock up at all when I read or transfer the same large file.

    MSI KT4A-V (MS-7021)
    AMD Sempron 2300+
    VIA KT400A+8237 chipset
    Radeon 7000 AGP
    VIA 6421 PCI SATA/IDE/RAID controller
    Creative Soundblaster 128D
    400watt PSU
    768mb DDR ram

    Thanks for any kind of help :D
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