AGP Slot bad?

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Apr 5, 2007
  1. Hey folks,

    I've recently run into a strange problem with my xt1600 pro.

    My computer no longer wants to boot with that card(had card for a year now). Black screen, no flicker or anything, and HD light stays solid on for about 30 seconds, then turns off. Pull the card, and systems boots on integrated video (Intel Extreme Graphics 2).

    I've switched the cables around, to see if I had a bad molex (no power tester with me). The card is getting power though, since the vid card fan does come on, and I tested the lead on the floppy drive and it's good to go.

    My mobo is Intel 865GBF with onboard graphics, so I can use the computer, but obviously I'd prefer my AGP card. The mobo is 3 years old, and the card only 1 year.

    I don't currently have access to another computer to test the card, and don't really have a shop nearby that I can go to to have it tested either.

    Is there a way for me to determine if my mobo has a bad AGP slot without installing a card, and without having to check the card on another system?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. wolfram

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    It's difficult to tell if your mobo has a bad AGP slot without testing with another video card :(

    Are you using a cheap PSU? It may not be able to keep feeding the GPU with stable power. What brand is it? How many amperes does it have on the +12V line(s)?
  3. MrFox

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    nah, I got an Antec 400w. That should be sufficient to power th ecard, as it has for a year now. I think I'm just gonna have to wait until I have access to another mobo to test the card, or another card to test the mobo. Thanks for the help.
  4. wolfram

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    Ok, it's the only way to properly test the mobo.

    Regards :wave:

    ZWERVER TS Rookie Posts: 55


    there are lots of problem with ati x1600pro...cause of bad cooling, 2 months ago i have changed same card, it was also 1 year old. its began with slow down when i played game and after 2 weeks won't boot. If u stil have a guarantee change it, otherwise look for another card with beter cooling.
  6. Tedster

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    You will need to test the slot with another AGP card.
    Also your PSU could have failed. Get a PSU tester for around $12. A voltmeter is also handy.
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