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Dec 22, 2006
  1. Ok Here is the story

    This computer im on is in my den, its my dads. I would like to have internet in my room but dont want to run a cord through the house and dont want to get wireless. I got a new cable modem so i can put it in my room with my new computer but when i pluged it in it doesnt seem to get internet from the cable line i have (i have Cox) but the one in the den works fine. I then took the entire computer from the den and put it into my room and tried the cable line and still nothing. Is there a different type of cable hookup on the wall or is there something specific i need to do so i can get internet through my cable line? The cable line works fine for my tv in my room.

    BTW the Den is new because we added on to the house and my room has been apart of house sence it was built. Do i need to get a specialist out to change the cable line in my wall or just run an ethernet cable through the house (what is looking like i need to do)

    Plz all

    any assistance

    just built my first computer and last thing i need is internet .....

  2. GeekieNick101

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    Well you cant have two cable modems on one account unless you pay extra. Every modem has its own MAC ID so your going to need to either run a ethernet cord or pay extra for another modem. And does a tv work if you plug it into the room where the modem doesnt work. Im not sure if you have to pay for two modems but with comcast and other providers you do and Im sure yours makes you pay extra two since each modem would have a full speed not shared as in networking.
  3. Elimar

    Elimar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok that solves the 2 modems thing ... ill just use the new one i have now because it has 2 plugs for a 2 computer setup but that still doesnt solve my question on how come my room wont run internet even though the cable to my tv works fine but doesnt work with the modem, the one i took from den to my room. (still only 1 modem trying to work) in the den connection works fine, in my room doesnt get past send ... just keeps trying to get online but never does.

    Thanks for the post though now i know im ganna only use 1 modem.
  4. GeekieNick101

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    Thats really strange so if you take a known good modem and place it in the location with no other modems connected and this cable also gets tv signal but the cable modem still wont work? If this is the case thats really strange since cable internet should work on any cable that gets tv and I know some people even take their modems to other houses in the ervice providers area with no issues this is very strange is the cable different of something it has to be "F" type or it wouldnt fit, is this being used on a spliter???
  5. Elimar

    Elimar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nope just straight into the wall... should it be used in a splitter? because i know the one out in the den is used with a splitter to split the cable to the Tv and Modem... idk if this had any effect on that because it seemed like its just splitting up the same cable line into 2 ... but ya im comfused also ... have asked like 20 people and they all say they have no idea why its happening and dont really wanna get someone out to look at it or i might have to pay twice for internet .. and i dont want that!

    what im thinkin of doing now is just having an Ethernet splitter and just run the cable through my rafters. Looks like all i can do acually ...

    god why does the christmas season always leave your wallet empty when u need it :)
  6. nickc

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    "god why does the christmas season always leave your wallet empty when u need it "

    and are u serious enough to ask such a question?
  7. Elimar

    Elimar TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I was kidding nickc, calm down fido :p

    and its true christmas sapped all my money away ... have a big family to give gifts to.

    And still trying to figure this problem out with my internet on the side
  8. Teaser261

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    I don't think a splitter is gonna work if both pc's are on. I have tried the cheap way out on this and ended up with a wired router. Your best bet is to go that way. Probably get a cheapy for $20. Then go up overhead with wires. That's what I did. Good luck. You're not the only one with post x-mas blues.Tis the season .lol.
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