AHHHHHH! Direct IP Gaming Confusion

By theboy
Nov 24, 2004
  1. First want to say hey to everyone! Cool site GLAD I found it!
    Now to the question, My brother, some friends and I want to game online without going through gamespy arcade etc. We own our own website and were wondering if it is possible to set up to play lan style gaming over the internet, using our website would be great, heck any way would be great. I have looked into vpn and that doesn't sound like what we want. I have seen direct ip mentioned several times but can't find s**** about it. PLEASE help us.

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  2. poertner_1274

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    Well pretty much you will need to make sure your website will allow game hosting. Then you will just need to install the game files to be hosted on there, and set everything up properly. Then once you get into the game on your personal PC's just enter the IP of your website and you should be able to get in. YOu might think about password protecting it if you are worried about bandwidth or others joining.

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  3. X-Humed

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    I doubt, unless you have some very special webhosting, that you will be able to upload and run a games server. however, you can quite easily host your own server for friends to connect to on your own pc.
    what game are you wanting to host?
    most games capable of multiplayer have options to set up a server within the game itself, alot have dedicated servers either included with the game or downloadable from the makers.

    I host dedicated servers for UT2k4, Freelancer:TNG and Neverwinter Nights on a regular basis for friends, i find using a seperate pc for the dedicated server is always best, and then a different pc to play, but if all you want is a quick friendly at UT, then you can set one up quick and easy from within the game itself. of course, if you are using a router you have to set up the correct port forwarding and firewalls configured to allow access, and then external people wanting to join connect directly to the server on your IP address.

    most games have plenty of websites on how to set up your own server, a quick google normally sets you off in the right direction!

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