AIM problems-please help

By LyricallyIsane1
Jun 1, 2007
  1. I've having problems with AIM & its really frustrating. Sumtimes wen I sign on AIM it freezes. AIM 6 to be exact. Is therr a glitch I should know bout? or is it an AIM virus? It signs on but da buddylist is blank & CPU performance goes to 100%. then my PC starts 2 slow down. I cant even close AIM thru Task manager. I have to shut down da PC. sumtimes I have 2 repeat dis process until AIM actually signs on with no problem. Dis has been goin on for months. Wat can I do?
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  3. Tedster

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    1. Let's avoid the use of ghetto english - it makes you look unintelligent.
    2. instant messangers are conduits of viri. I tend to avoid using them.
    3. What does your anti-virus and anti-trojan programs say?
  4. LyricallyIsane1

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    responding to number 1. lol thats how I talk,but I see your point. you're right.
    I dont know,I have Zone Alarm but it hasn't reported any viruses. I scanned my PC with ZA,AVG 7.5,AVG spyware,AVG rootkit, Microsoft new malicious tool scanner & still nothin. But my guess it could a glitch of the new AIM.
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