AIW, No sound for homemade VHS but OK for prerecorded? Help!

By JohnT
Jan 18, 2004
  1. I have a Rage 128 Pro AGP that is properly installed with the latest drivers and multimedia app. Everything seems to work fine except for one thing... my wife wants to copy some old homemade movies from VHS to CD or DVD. The video looks fine from the composite input, but the sound is virtually non-existent (I can barely hear something with my speakers turned all the way up, so it IS getting some sort of audio signal).

    But the weird thing is... if I put a commercially produced VHS in the VCR, the sound comes through perfectly!!! I only have this problem with the homemade movie VHS tapes!

    I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with the number of channels specified in the audio input. It is currently set at microphone (the only audio input available from the onboard sound card) and 2 channels. I have no doubt that the recording is in mono, but the # of channels is grayed-out, so I cannot try setting it to one!

    Do you think this is the problem, or is it something else???

    Any assistance would be MOST appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
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