Albatron KX4008X / Mouse problem

By dusthazard
Feb 28, 2003
  1. Howdy!

    ALright, my old K7S5A pooped out on me so I replaced it with the Albatron KX4008X motherboard.

    It's practically perfect other than one thing: I have a Microsoft mosue with the little light on it that glows when it's powered. Now, the light just stays on when I shut down the computer. I think that's what killed my old optical mouse: staying on. I never cut the powerstrip off, either. But, the K7S5A never did this to me. How can I get the motherboard to cut off the mouse? I notice the light of the mouse goes off when I cut either power from the power supply itself or the powersurgestrip.

  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    I don't know any way to solve this other than killing the power to the system completely like you mentioned. Most newer mobos have power always going to some parts of the board. The LED in your mouse doesn't require much power to operate and should last many years. I doubt this was what killed your other mouse because of the long life of LEDs.
  3. dusthazard

    dusthazard TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    Yeah, I doubted it killed my mouse a bit too. I've tried all kinds of power options in the bios, but I don't know what is going on. =/ My old MS Optical started having problem with randomly changing the speed in which the cursor moves in relation to how fast/far I move it physically. It's weird. =/ I wouldn't want my brand new MS Optical Blue to suffer the same fate. lol.

    Thanks for any more help.
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