ALchemy Audigy Edition, just a hotfix

By Julio Franco
Jul 5, 2007
  1. (I received this on my email from
    This is a memo to all members of the press regarding ALchemy Audigy Edition

    As you may have already heard, Creative Labs recently released a product known as 'ALchemy Audigy Edition'. ALchemy is a wrapper that converts DirectSound3D streams into OpenAL under Vista, in-order to restore their card’s functionality. They ask for payment for this software, whereas the original X-Fi version is freely available. Alchemy X-Fi is exactly the same as the Audigy Edition, and the only differences are three settings inside an '.INI' file. ALchemy X-Fi works fine on the Audigy/Live! Series - without any problems.

    Creative appear to be making false claims and mislead their own Audigy users by saying that the ALchemy project supports X-Fi only, and if you wish to restore functionality on Audigy, you must buy the 'ALchemy Audigy Edition'. By doing this, they are effectively selling a Hotfix that offers features the users already paid for. The truth is, Audigy owners can download the original ALchemy (X-Fi) and use it successfully. Creative is misleading the public and trying to make money out of this ALchemy scam. These users already have paid a lot of money (in some countries as much as $300-600) for Creative’s Audigy cards, so why should they pay them again!? We’re all aware about Creative’s poor software and customer support, but this time they really crossed the line.

    You could ignore this memo and let Creative rip off your readers, trash their rights and make money out of a Wrapper/Hotfix, but do not be surprised if other companies start charging money for driver support and Hotfixes in the future too. On the other hand, you could stand and protect their rights by telling them the truth. Do not forget, these readers are the ones who are viewing and clicking the ads on your site. Some of you are having breakfast and dinner everyday thanks to them. Is the press not responsible to stand and protect consumer’s rights?

    All the information you need (including how to restore functionality for free in a fully legal way) is available at link below:
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