Alcor usb flash drive problems

By srroldtime
Feb 6, 2007
  1. Please forgive any mistakes this is my first post. The problem that i am having is i bought 5 usb drives with alcor chips in the they are from different sellers but seem to all have the sme problem. I can load files and directories on them and then the directories will still be there but it says there are no files to display. The space is still used when i look at the disk space and if i delete the directory the space is still used. I am using win 2000 so i didnt think that it would be a driver issue but i did update to sp4 because i read somewhere that sp3 had some usb fixes in it. The files disaper at ramdon when i remove the drive or somtimes in just an hour later the files are gone. I have worked with the drives trying to troubles shoot the problems and have found that the files that disaper most of the time are the files that have been loaded last. Please forgive the typos. I hope someone can help
    Thanks SRR
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    This is what i have found from other sorces Thanks SRR
    > >
    > >I initially found out by using my own product... which unfortunately
    > >a
    > >while to discover that data is not being reliably stored, since the
    > >operating system has been fooled by the faked drive size.. If you check
    > >out
    > >my personal site listed in my auctions you can download software that I
    > >found by googling "Faked flash drives" that identifies and restores
    > >of the faked drives to their actual true capacity.
    > >
    > >I agree that there is a huge problem on ebay with faked 8gb, and 4gb
    > >drives. China is flooding the ebay market place, is
    > >helping
    > >fuel the problem and my personal favorate fake drive seller is
    > >"alvistasinc"
    > >who is still selling on even after I complained.
    > >
    > >I've warned several other dealers about the problem only when I see a
    > >feed back rating (100%). Most dealers check and then stop selling the
    > >faked
    > >drives when they realize what they have, others will not. Unfortunately
    > >not many people wish to purchase a 256mb or 1gb true sized flash drive
    > >they still believe they can buy an 8gb drive for $40.
    > >
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