Alert - Application exception that couldn't be handled

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May 30, 2005
  1. I have tried for months to find out why I keep getting alerts that say"

    Application exception that couldn't be handled. Then it shows thread numbers that are always different. The message says it can't find the JIT debugger can't be found. I've tried many different things such as Registry cleaner, uninstalling programs that might be conflicting, I've tried to get Dr. Watson working but haven't figured out what to do.

    The application doesn't always pop up at the same time or under the exact same conditions (that I know of) and sometimes, it doesn't come on at all.

    Any ideas?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    They sound like a Java problem.

    Where/in which program(s) do these errors happen, what Windows version do you have, what are your hardware specs ? (Fill in 'User Profile', top left on each page).

    If in IE, stop using it and get Firefox.

    PS: and who is Molly?
  3. Molly's Mom

    Molly's Mom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Application exception that couldn't be handled

    I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP. Trouble is I can't see a pattern. I even took notes for several days. Sometimes it happens almost at start-up, sometimes after several hours of being on the computer. Sometimes it is online and sometimes it isn't.

    I have tried to investigate application exceptions by browsing the internet and Microsoft. Frankly, I don't understand.

    What do you mean by JAVA?

    P.S. Molly is my constant companion and someone who reads me like a book -- my Beagle dog!
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Java is a computer 'platform', which works independently of Operating Systems. This can get corrupted sometimes. MS no longer supports its own version MSVM, they lost their battle with Sun.

    Start Internet Explorer. Then click on this link:
    That webpage will tell you how to set up your version of IE to work with (or disable) Java.

    If the above does not solve your problem, follow the instructions on this link, and get rid of MSVM (= Microsoft Java) and install Sun Java J2SE 5.0 instead.

    PS: lovely dogs they are. My daughter is trying to talk me into getting her a Weimaraner, she is near succeeding!
  5. Molly's Mom

    Molly's Mom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the tip. I'll mosey over to those links and see what I can find out.

    Having a dog is great therapy for stress. There's nothing like the unconditional love they provide. You won't be sorry if you "give-in."

    Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.
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