Alex 28m from SoCal

By pcnthuziast
Jan 28, 2007
  1. I joined tech spot after browsing the forums for awhile, it seems that there are alot of smart & expirienced individuals who post here! I've been interested in computers now for years and have owned a few. My 1st self-built PC was a pentium D820 @ stock on an Intel board(945 chipset) with 4 x 512mb PNY 4200, an Audigy 2ZS and a 7800gt with 256mb all powerd by a Kingwin
    450w PSU. My 2nd build is just over a month old and consists of an E6600 on Intel "BadAxe2" with 2 x 1gb G.Skill C4 6400, an X-fi extreme music and an 8800gts all powered by a Corsair 520w PSU. It's OC'ed to 3ghz(9 x 333)with the ram running @ about 832mhz. I mainly use the PC to play games, create loop based music with Sony Acid Pro and surf forums for tech gossip/news and to learn mostly. I look forward to meeting new people!
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    Thanx Howard! I've read a couple of your posts & you seem to know your stuff, could you read my post in drivers>97.44/97.92 may be causing my BSODs!?
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