Alienware Laptop won't display post

By TheVirus21
Mar 15, 2007
  1. I have a brand new alienware laptop that just recently has had problems booting. It seems like everytime I shut the machine down from windows vista, when i go to turn it back on the fan spins up and the lights come on for the wireless adaptor, battery and the hdd light comes on for a second or so and then turns off and does not spin up. If i have a cd rom in the drive it spins that up almost like it is trying to boot up but nothing is displayed on the screen. The screen is totally off, not lit at all. No post beeps. then after awhile of sitting i press the power button and it will work. Also there is no response from the keyboard if i press numlock or capslock, however the lights associated with the keyboard flash after i pressthe power button. Also i have tried plugging it in and removing all my accessories. I have contacted alienware and i am in the process of sending it back but i wanted to wait andsee what you guys thought in case it is some stupid mistake, and to find out what it might be. Thanks again!
  2. Tedster

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    RMA it if it is brand new. Alienware quality control is somewhat lacking- especially on their desktops.
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