Alienware m11x bad fps?

  1. Yo,
    I have an Alienware M11x with Intel core 2 duo processor clocked up to 1.73 Ghz, with 4GB DDR3 crucial RAM, and Nvidia 335 GM (1GB) and I'm not quite sure how well it should cope with most modern games...

    I have FIFA 11 and COD Black ops, of which FIFA 11 doesn't play smoothly on medium graphics with no AA on 1368x768 resolution (less than 30fps), and cod black ops on low graphics no AA on 1368x768 doesn't play smoothly (less than 30fps).

    I'd of thought I would get better fps but maybe I'm being naive, how can I improve these fps as I'm sure I should be getting better.

    Due to the hybrid graphics, it's hard to find an update for the graphics card driver that works!

  2. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    I'm actually on the fence about buying one of these - want a small laptop that can game and this *seems* to fit the bill, but the FPS that you are reporting I have seen reported for those games in other places.

    There's one thread I found with Google - apparently the Steam forums are overloaded with complaints as well. I don't know how much help you will find with that thread, but you aren't the only one having issues.

    Making me think twice about getting an m11x. Sad, as it's such a beautiful machine.

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