all 3dgames frezzed!!!

By mike_om
Jan 17, 2003
  1. I have a new pc (atlhon 1700+, 256ram, Geforce2mx400 64mb, and SIS based motherboard..or something like that.
    Well all my 3d games get frezzed random, Warcraft3, MOHAA, Diablo2 in 3d mode, in 2d works fine, and Black and White, i have to reboot the system every time the games last about 5 min...a couple of times an error window appear saying an error occured in MSSFAST.M3D, but this file is only in Warcraft3 and MOHAA.....i tryed everything, update windowsME, Gforce2 drivers. soundcard drivers and nothing!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  2. Arris

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    Welcome to TechSpot Forums mike_om

    Is this a new pc you built yourself? Or a branded PC?
    Detonator drivers are notorious for problems when changing between versions.
    What other hardware do you have installed? Post system specifications.
    In the Device manager (accessed via control panel in ME I think) do you have any devices listed with a yellow exclaimation mark indicating an IRQ conflict?

    You should uninstall the old ones first via "Add remove programs" in the control panel.
    Then for 98SE and ME use the Detonator Destroyer when changing between versions. It removes any files which are not removed in the Nvidia Detonator uninstall process.

    If its a computer you built yourself, then do you have the latest chipset drivers for the motherboard?

    I'll be able to give a more useful response when you provide some more details.
  3. Phantasm66

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    Re: Welcome to TechSpot Forums mike_om

    certainly i just updated a machine with geforce 3 to 4109 and now quake 2 will only play at 640x480. thinking of going back to an earlier driver...
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