all caption buttons blurred by nvidia driver

By jfburger
Sep 16, 2002
  1. wanted to know if anyone else had encountered this behavior. I installed a new i/o magic nvidia Geforce2 MX200 32 mg AGP card on my PIII. The i/o magic driver worked ok. I updated to the Detonator 3 drivers on the nvidia site. Soon after my caption buttons (all 3D objects: the minimize, maximize, close, sliders, etc.) began to have several colors swiped across them and making them unreadable. I'll reboot and the caption buttons are readable for about 30 minutes, then blur or swipe out.

    I uninstalled the Detonator driver and reinstalled the original driver, but problem came back. Then I used Detonator Destroyer from Guru3D site to remove all leftover .dlls and reinstalled original driver. The caption button problem came back and seems worse on programs with heavy graphics handling. So after trying several unistall & reinstalls on the video driver, I am wondering if I shouldn't go with an ATI card instead. I've tried several versions of the nvidia Detonator drivers with no improvement. I do not think it is a heat related problem as the card has plenty of room around it and my case is well vented. Can't find this problem on any internet search.

    my system is HPackard 8576C, with PIII, 128 mgs RAM, 9 Gigs available. integrated video processor disabled on mobo. was asking because lack of readable caption buttons makes the PC difficult for family to use.
  2. Nodsu

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    With heat problems, you should also see heavy corruption in all 3D applications, not just some buttons. Try disabling the Write Combining feature.
  3. JAV

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    Go into your display settings (under GF2 MX200 & click advanced) & set the image quality in Direct 3D settings to Best Image quality.

    You can also try the Omega nVidia drivers for better quality:

    ATi 8500, 9000 Pro or a GF4 Ti 4200 are very good values right now. An MX 200 really never was, IMO. :(


    PS: 128mb RAM is a little low too. Esp if you're on XP! 256+mb would help the 32mb card, some.
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