all media plays to fast!

By Toube
Oct 25, 2005
  1. Problem to play all media, audio, video plays too fast


    I have a Inspirion 700m with 1.7GHz 1Gb
    windows xp pro
    Intergrated sound: SIGMATEL STAC 9750 AC97
    Intergratde graphic: Intel Extreme Graphics 855 GM

    When I play all kind of media, *.mp3, *.mpg, *.avi, *.vob
    everything sounds like the smurfs. And the video goes too fast. even sound games
    Even windows start up sound goes to fast.

    In the beginging the computer works fine, and i dont know what i did to make this happend. The last thing i remember when the computer worked fine was playing Age of empires 2 and the computer jumped back to windows and i couldent go back to the game, so i closed the game whit "ctrl-alt-del"

    I have tryed. To reinstall audio drivers, also the older ones you can download att dell website.
    I have reinstalld Windows Xp pro two times! i have also tryed win2000 pro. I have tryed different media players like, Nero, Winamp, media player, quicktime, vlc.
    I have uninstalled all codecs. I have run lots of hardware test, like systemworks, checkit. Nothing wrong with the hardware.

    I have installed all the latest drivers on every hardware in the computer, i have uppdated bios.
    But there is one thing thats is strange. If i go and look in system device tab i find 3 "plug and play displays" and 2 Intel(R) 82852/8255 GM/GME Graphic controller under Graphic cards. If I uninstall one of all these it will find again and whant to install it again. If i go to properties on this two graphic controllers one have full information about IRQ and memoryintervall and I/0 and other only have memoryintervall.

    (Its complicated to explain, but i can e-mail Prt Screns if you whant)

    If i play an 60 sec media it only take 45 sec to play it.

    I Hope i can get som professional help with this matter.
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