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"All of the sudden" frustrating problem!

By Chesta1485
Jun 24, 2005
  1. "All of the sudden" frustrating problem! edit: (now fixed)

    (I fixed it)..weird problem}
    Another one of those all of the sudden problems. Out of no where my computer starts crashing for no reason. So I reinstall winxp w/ sp2 slipstreamed and did not fix teh crashing problem. It mainly happens when I try to go to the internet. I have dsl. I'm in safe mode w/ network support to do type this. So if it works in safe mode without crashing, i'm guessing it's a driver issue..but which one?! I think it's the graphix but i'm not sure. because in safe mode it doesn't use the nvidia graphix drivers. I tried 4 different nvidia drivers and they all crash when either attempting to go to the internet on a webpage or when changing a resoution caused by a program that needs it to change or when I click on windows security icon you get w/ winxp sp2 when just installed and probably at random times. It is very weird. When I try to use the internet, i bring up IE with the -nohome command (fresh page) and it's fine. but when I try to go to any site it freezes and then seconds later goes to standby by itself then seconds later restarts itself. But what is even weirder (if that is a word) is when i go to any webpage in safe mode then try to go to that same one in regular mode internet works fine. but that's probably cause i've been to the page and it doesn't need to download nething. i don't think it's my dlink 530tx+ i tried two different drivers. I don't think it could be via 4 in 1 drivers. All my drivers are pretty up to date and worked fine before! But i'm guessing it's graphix maybe because in safe mode i get no crash. but no nvidia drivers or at least the 4 that i've tried do not work. Have no idea what to do. I could download windowsupdates but i had those before and it was crashing before the reformat. In power options in the screen saver tab I put both to "take no action" when you hit power button or standby button; it does not fix it. Also, I reset my dsl modem and still didn't fix it. Any Idea's? Any help i would appreciate thx

    Setup: Winxp w/sp2, 1gb ddr 3200, nvidia geforce 4200, dlink 530tx+, no sound card; the one i had messed up when i hooked it to a amplifier, after that everything went wack. I don't know if my sound card jacking up has nething to do with the crashing. chipset: via ver. 4.53 i believe, kr7a-133 mobo. Have latest bios drivers.
  2. Chesta1485

    Chesta1485 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16


    IT'S FIXED!! The problem fixed itself as weird as it messed up. Alls i did was take the graphix out and the network cable out and started the computer. put the graphix back in; but i don't think it was cause of the graphix. it was probably cause the network cable was not in correctly in the network card. I noticed with the network cable unplugged i had no crashes; pluged it back in and bam! ..fixed. Dang computers they could be so much of a waste of time, but it's fixed so it's all good now.
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