Almost Random Freezes

By ibigfire
Feb 20, 2007
  1. *sigh* I finally have to make my own thread, this issue has really got me stuck.

    Ok, here's the system I'm working on:link

    And here's the problem. I was having almost completely random freezes back when I was running windows xp. I figured that maybe it was a software issue, and Vista has just come out, so I decided to upgrade to Vista and do a reformat of my main hard drive at the same time. I did so, and it fixed nothing. I have done all the updates as of a week ago and had gotten the newest drivers for eveything that had 64 bit Vista drivers as well. Which makes me think it's probably a hardware issue. Here's what I've tried to no avail:

    1. Memtest86 overnight. No errors.
    2. Unplugged and replugged every cord.
    3. Unplugged everything unnecessary externally, and my sound card.
    4. Swapped Vid Cards with my brother's.
    5. Popped off heatsink and CPU, cleaned thermal grease, reapplied.
    6. Reset CMOS. Reset BIOS settings to default. To the best of my knowledge, they're all good.
    7. Popped RAM out, popped RAM back in.
    8. Swapped Surge Protector bar with my brother's. Why? I don't know, I was getting desperate.
    9. Posted on Tom's Hardware Forumz.

    It just started happening randomly and infrequently, so I didn't pay it too much attention. It's been over a month now though, and I'm starting to die a little inside. I should point out that the PSU is new, 530 Watts, by Antec, and the Motherboard is decently new as well. Doesn't mean they're not broken, just means it's not all that likely. According to my Mobo H/W monitor, my cpu is running at about 60 degrees celsius, which seems hot, but I donno if that's the issue. If you believe it might be, what could I do to cool it down? The heatsink fan is spinning, and the thermal grease is good.
    Oh, I should also point out that it only seems to happen either when I'm using it, not necessarily for anything intensive, or just after I use it. If it succesfully stays from freezing up until about half an hour after I'm done with it, it will generally stay not frozen till when I get back. Not always, but usually.
    Umm... Any ideas? Please?
  2. ibigfire

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    Wow, that's weird. I never would've expected your problem to be your wireless encryption. That's cool that you got it figured out though. Unfortunately I'm wired, so that doesn't help too much, but thank you. Hmm, I'm checking HDDs right now, but they seem to be checking out fine. Any other ideas?
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