Altec lansing ada 305 speakers

By 5jordan
Feb 21, 2008
  1. hi forum, i just figured this out with these speakers. i am on an acer laptop brand new with VISTA, i first made sure the speakers worked, plug in an audio source to them. i used my old ipod, they worked perfect. next i played a cd in the laptop made sure that worked and heard music. next i plugged in my ipod earphones into the EARPHONE jack and heard music in the ear piece. next i unplugged my ear piece and plugged in the speaker jack with the green end into the EARPHONE jack and HOLY COW music to my ears. these things work perfect, loud and great bass, i can shake the walls. just mess around, i had the same speakers running on windows XP home editions for years. so it can be done i loaded no drivers for this.
    good luck
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