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By Eleventeen
Sep 23, 2005
  1. Hey, couldn't really find a right category to post this in. I almost posted this in the Networking one but, sorry if its the wrong one. Anyway, I have been using dialup for over 8 years now. Its really..slow (as anyone could imagine). Im really sick of it and have been looking into getting cable or anything faster. I live in the middle of the country and the thing is, the cable line on the telephone pole stops 3 houses behind me, and the cable company won't hook the line up to my house :mad:. So im basically about 300 feet from where the cable line stops. I have really tried to get them to do it but no luck. So thats not an option. I have heard of sattelite but never really looked into that. Now my question is, can I get anything out where I live that is faster than dialup? Im not talking about Net Zero where they compress the images just so they load faster. Im aiming more towards something that can really increase my ping and download speed. Thanks in advance. :bounce:
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    I assume that dsl isn't available either? Actually I'm in the same situation. It seems the option is satelite, but you still need dialup service to upload(apparantly you can only download from satelite). Also, satelite has a fairly high ping, a high monthly cost(vs dsl/cable), and a high setup cost usually.
    I'm just hoping they roll out BPL soon, that's broadband over power lines, which is supposedly faster than cable, and uses your power lines to access the net. Wireless internet may or may not be an option(also expensive).
    You could possibly get a second phone line and do a "muli link" where you use two modems/lines and basically use 2 dialup connections at once, so you might get 100+kbps vs 50kbps.

    Edit: Newer satelite doesn't need dialup service anymore.
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    outline is good, but while the concepts of "multi link" is great, it's not easily, if not impossible to implement with standard software. The TCP ATM (asyc transfer mode) is the only practical way to achieve mutli-routed, parallel networking that I know of.
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    Hm, multilinking modems would be faster, but much more expensive. Im currently paying 20$ for one dialup line and another line would cost me a total of 40$. It would be twice as fast but, dialup isnt even fast to begin with puke: . Plus, 40$ is basically the cost of cable so i dont really think its worth it. For sattelite, Im surrounded by trees and when i did have sattelite for my tv (2 years ago) , the signal kept getting lost, even if the dish was on top of my roof. I just cant think why the cable company is so lazy to wire a cable line 300 feet. Thats..not cool. Anyway, I think ill just wait for BPL for now, Thanks for your replies though. :wave:
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