Am Going to Replace PSU now I have a problem

By dixie63
Aug 19, 2008
  1. Hello! I'm Todd. Just sign up few minutes ago. I sure have been reading all the forums for pass week and half now. Pretty cool website and useful information. OK, I have a friend who has a emachine T2682, same problem as everyone else is having with psu and motherboard (is Mobo) same as motherboard I've reading in these forums? I thought I might be. I've decided to replace the power supply first on friends emachine T2682 this weekend. I thought the cheapest thing to do first is check the power supply as his old one isn't doing anything. I got a new one in mail today. It's a 400W instead of 250W like emachine used. I read somewhere where it quoted Do not replace motherboard using Original Bestec ATX 250W power supply as it is known to damaged the motherboard! I decided to upgrade the watts.I'm pretty sure the mobo is dead. Want to give it a try. Problem this pass weekend I open his computer to check all wires. Well, I unplug one thing I didn't noted how they go back, I thought it was one plug, when I pull the wires think it's called PWR LED, PWR S/W and HDD LED. They were three seperated plugs. They go to the power switch looks like. After I pulled I look down and notice there are lots of pins. Now I don't know how they go back. Does it matter? I'm trying to find a picture on how they go back. Are all the pins powersupply or each pins has it's own functions. I'm not a real expert. Still learning. I love working on things. Just never had the opportunity to work on computers. Replacing rams and modem or dsl is piece of cake for me lol. Any help or advice? Thanks, Todd
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