Am I correctly diagnosing this scanner problem?

By SNGX1275
Jun 22, 2003
  1. My parents a couple weeks ago bought a new scanner. An HP Scanjet 3570c, well mom calls me up saying my sister can't get it installed. I'm naturally thinking "how hard can it be its USB, put the cd in, plug it in, follow onscreen directions". Well my sister calls me back up after I told my mom that it should be self explanitory and my sister says it won't install on hers either (Both comps are running Win2k). She says it just sits there and is continually making "some noise", I just figured that it was running diagnostics or warming up like printers do, so I didn't think anymore of it. Well I came home to help my dad do some stuff this weekend and my mom asked me to take a look at it before she returns it to the store. So here I am, I open it back up, hook up the power, hook up the USB and... nothing.

    So I stare at it for a bit, check the connections, and still nothing, so I think - hmm I'll open the manual and check the troubleshooting. I find something similar and it says to check the hardware independent of the computer to unplug the usb, and unplug the power. Then while holding down 2 of the 4 buttons put the power plug back in, and it should light up and move the actual part that does the scanning. Well none of this happened. So I'm thinking, well its not getting power. So I break out a test kit to see if the connection is actually supplying any power. So I read on its power supply and it says output DC 30V (yeh I was impressed at the 30 too :)), so I test it, and its outputting 43.5V. So my question is am I right by thinking that the powersupply was bad and overvolted the scanner and burned something out? That would explain why it was making a noise at first, it was probably psudoworking initially, until something fried.
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    The power suppy or the power cable are certainly possibilities. Another thing to consider would be a short inside the scanner.

    Either way take it back, it's a lemmon. :)
  3. NOTNorMaL

    NOTNorMaL TS Rookie

    Funny reading this here, cause i too recently bought this same scanner.
    And my powersupply also gave up in a matter of days !

    So i called up the place where i got it from and they told me that if i were to call HP and supply them with all the information they need, they'd send me brand spankin new one.

    So i did that and i got it workin ever since :grinthumb

    So i'd try the same, it did take a coupla days to arrive but its worth it !!
  4. Tarkus

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    If it is an unregulated wallwart power supply then it could very well run at 43V without load.
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