Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi all,

I posted a thread regarding 'in-game movie stuttering' a couple of days ago as I was getting stuttering when watching in-game movies, mainly on Gears of War although I've noticed it on other in-game movies and intro/branding/logo sequences too (all games run fine by the way).

I think I found out what it was but I'm not sure...
I think it has something to do with me overclocking my CPU.

I'm currently clocked at 3.31GHz (366FSB) which is giving me a memory reading of DDR2-733. Memory timings are set to 5-5-5-15 giving me a 1:1 ratio which is what I've been after for ages... but I don't really know why, I've just heard that it's good to have a 1:1 ratio!

If I reset the FSB to 266, my memory goes to DDR2-800 (which is also good isn't it?) but I get a ratio of 5:6 yet when I play any ingame movie including Gears of War... it's fine, runs smooth!

So... Am I doing something wrong? (I'm thinking, 'yes')

Please help me figure out if I'm overclocking my machine correctly! I'm a bit of a noob to this but that's why I'm here!

Many thanks!

Asus P5KC
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Windows Vista x64

Fragrant Coit

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Have you locked the PCIe bus at 100?

If U have 1066MHz RAM, try adjusting the divider to give you the closest RAM speed to 1066 {otherwise you could have saved your $ and just bought DDR800!}


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The PCIe bus is locked at 100. Last night I lowered my divider from 9 to 7 then increased the FSB again. The reading went up to DDR2-900 and the CPU to around 3.12GHz (or there abouts).

When I went to play a game (crysis) the game was really slow (game plays fine normally). I'm not quite sure what I'm doing when overclocking. Why did things slow down after I lowered the divider but increased the FSB?


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Even though BIOS reads DDR2-733, CPU-Z says that each stick of RAM is operating at 533. Does that mean that they're running at 1066 anyway? (533x2)
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