Am I the only one with a moody X box?

By alsawul8r
Jan 30, 2005
  1. It seems that no matter how clean my lens is, my x box only plays the DVD's that it wants to at the time. I leave the screws out of the chassis for easy access and I clean the eye with a Q-tip and a smidge of windex. It usually clears that disk is either dirty or damaged message right up except when it comes to DVD's. I am so mad that it won't play my LOTR Return of the King. The disk is in immaculate condition. Anyone know a fix or a Mod?
  2. Anonymous Danny

    Anonymous Danny TS Rookie Posts: 33

    well, not owning an XBOX, im not too sure, but a friend of mine says that he has a simlar problem with halo 2 not running. there's a special cleaner that was designed for cleaning the xbox laser disk thing. that's all i kno. o, also, i wouldn't recommend using windex, cuz i think there's immonia in it that can do damage to the laser reader.
  3. HowlingPhoenix

    HowlingPhoenix TS Rookie

    You may have a Thompson drive in your Xbox, that's what I had and it became faulty just like yours is now. Eventually I had to replace it with another DVD drive..If it comes to that I recommend the Samsung drive.
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