Amazon is hiring 150,000 people to help during the holidays

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In brief: Amazon is expecting another big holiday season, and the e-commerce giant is hiring extra help to handle the uptick in anticipated orders. Amazon has announced the opening of 150,000 seasonal jobs across the US, with an average starting pay of $18 an hour in addition to sign-on bonuses of up to $3,000 and an extra $3 per hour based on shifts in many locations.

Alicia Boler Davis, SVP of global customer fulfillment at Amazon, said seasonal hiring helps the company deliver on its promises to customers while also providing flexibility to full-time employees during busy periods.

Positions available in Amazon’s operations network including stowing, picking, packing and shipping, among others. New employees will be fully trained, and all facilities are said to follow strict Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

Amazon said states with the greatest number of seasonal positions include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

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A seasonal position with Amazon could provide some much-needed cash for the holidays, or serve as the first step in a long-term role with the company. Andrea Wilkerson, staffing coordinator for Amazon, started with the company four years ago as a seasonal employee and has since been promoted four times. "I can say from experience that the array of positions Amazon offers, coupled with a flexible work schedule, ensures the company can meet the needs of any employee," she said.

Interested parties can search for open positions near them and apply over on Amazon’s website.

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I thought Black Friday, Cyber Monday and X-Mass this year was cancelled because of the 1000 different issues with supplies and the huge queue of boats waiting to disembark and so on and so forth?

So either Amazon is cheating and somehow getting goods ahead of everybody else, or everybody just wants to take advantage of the situation to raise prices but supply chains aren't really constrained. Quite frankly both options sound as plausible at this time, maybe even both simultaneously.


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These sales are nothing but an opportunity to clear the shelves of (mostly Chinese made) junk they haven't been able to sell in the last 12mths.
I'd name this the third possibility. Well first actually, because it does seems more likely but again I think there's probably a little bit of the other 2 going on as well.


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These sales are nothing but an opportunity to clear the shelves of (mostly Chinese made) junk they haven't been able to sell in the last 12mths.
Indeed. During last year's Amazon Black Friday Sale I swear 50% of the 40 pages of "Electronics & Computer" stuff were USB charger leads, overly cheap (for a reason) power banks and laptop carry cases...


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Quick! Hire more people that don't want to work for anything less than $25 an hour and help ship out all the packages that won't be available to ship out because of supply constraints that couldn't get shipped to customers because of lack of help due to the not high enough wages being paid which means there aren't enough drivers to move merchandise from container ships to distribution centers and not enough workers at distribution centers to handle the inbound merchandise and not enough drivers to move said merchandise from distribution centers to stores and not enough employees working at said stores to stock and sell merchandise because wages aren't high enough to help get packages shipped manufacturers through the distribution channels and unloaded from cargo containers due to wages not being high enough so they're lacking help to handle unloading of merchandise............holy heIl, it's just a non-stop revolving door!

That all being said, my local Target can't keep sh!t on shelves. There is no toilet paper shortage nor mass buying of it going on, but my Target has none on the shelves the past two days. One of the employees said they haven't had their delivery truck come in yet and it's 3 days past due.


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Average wage of £18p/h is jeffs earnings included in those calculations? Betting the average amazon worker would differ.