Amazon is 'nearing a deal' with EA to produce a Mass Effect show


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Something to look forward to: Original shows and movies are one of the primary ways streaming services seek to draw in new subscribers. We're sure successes like Netflix's Arcane and Amazon's Wheel of Time are great examples of that trend. However, Amazon could just have another big debut in the works now -- the company's original content division is reportedly developing a new series based on BioWare's popular Mass Effect series.

This information comes courtesy of a report from Deadline, published yesterday. According to the outlet, Amazon Studios is "nearing a deal" with Electronic Arts to create such a series, though details like episode count or length are obviously unknowns at such an early stage.

Regardless, this is big news for long-time BioWare fans. Though Mass Effect's latest release, Andromeda, wasn't exactly received well by players, the previous games still hold their own today. The quality of their gameplay mechanics varies from title to title, but the consistently-great storytelling is still heralded as some of the best in the industry.

Of course, as any gamer will tell you, movie or show translations of popular gaming franchises don't always carry over the things that made the franchise great. As such, there's no guarantee that a Mass Effect show would have the same compelling side stories and characters as the games. However, Amazon has a solid track record in the original content production space, so there is reason to be optimistic; especially if EA is willing to put the reputation of one of its most famous franchises on the line.

Hopefully, the deal works out between Amazon Studios and EA. Even if the show ends up being terrible, it'll at least be nice to see the Mass Effect universe in a way we never have before.

We'll keep you updated if the deal is finalized and production officially starts, but it will probably be a while before that day comes.

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Since you mentioned Arcane in the article, can I just say how good the show was? I'm not really into League of Legends, Know nothing of the lore, Barely know some of the characters
But I gotta say, Arcane was awesome. Bring on Season 2.


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Big question is whether it'll be Femshep...

But if they do go with male Shepherd, I'd be down with Henry Cavill. In fact Henry Cavill can be cast for all the video game characters.... Mario included.


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Well, I don't see them having Shepard as the main character here. Mainly because those games weren't linear enough (too many different choices). Or they do a completely different path..?

Anyways, means they'd be starting fresh. That might be interesting enough to get me to watch it... well, as long as that writer for ME3 stays faaaar away from it...


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Oh f! EA/Amazon. Please don't. Don't destroy the perfection.

I can get behind 3D animation series, but not a classic movie.

Without Jennifer Hale as FemShep it's not a Mass Effect. There is no way to convince me otherwise. :p


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I haven't seen either show mentioned above (yet...on my list now), but I am optimistic, so bring it on! On the other hand, computer game adaptions would be perfect for good quality, artistic CGI movies....the characters are already there :)
IMHO, live casting can be a nightmare for these franchises, and almost certain to be set to fail, even for the better shows (I liked the Withcer adaption for instance, though I would have been happier if they kept it closer to the games...or the novels...but hey, it was still great. Its casting was downright disastrous for some of the roles)


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....ohh, and I happened to like Andromedia, put over a 100 hours in :) So, on the contrary to the subtitle, I wouldn't mind much if it was like Andromeda...
You and the 3 other people who liked andromeda would be thrilled. Few others would be interested in such a milquetoast plot. The characters in the original trilogy were far more memorable.


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You and the 3 other people who liked andromeda would be thrilled. Few others would be interested in such a milquetoast plot. The characters in the original trilogy were far more memorable.
No arguments there: ME is my one of my all-time favourites, played through a couple of times (that being said, I couldn't get through ME2, due to the terrible "upgrades" to graphics and controls...might try again now :) (tried already time to time over the years, to see if I react differently or the HW changes will make it behave better, but ended up unistalling every time after 2-3 hours of "fun"))