Amazon, Meta, and Twitter drop out of CES over Omicron fears

Squid Surprise

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Now I'm curious as to your definition of "global pandemic" and how it manages to exclude all events of the past century except COVID-19.
Sorry… they were global pandemics… but… they were no worse than the “regular” flu - which we get every year… there is also a flu shot - but it’s not nearly as effective as the Covid one.

The flu IS bad by the way - I’m not saying it isn’t - and I definitely think you should also get your flu shot every year… but Covid is far worse!

To compare, despite infecting over a billion people, H1N1 only caused less than 300,000 excess deaths during the pandemic of 2009… the flu generally causes 250,000-500,000 per year, hence it not being prioritized like Covid is…

Covid, on the other hand, has killed almost a million people in the US alone in less than 2 years…