Amazon Prime is giving away Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V


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In brief: Are you looking for some older but still fun games to play without putting a hand in your virtual wallet? Then here's some good news: Amazon Prime subscribers can grab the standard edition of Battlefield 1 right now, with Battlefield V going gratis on August 2.

From now up until August 4, members of Prime Gaming, which is free to Prime subscribers, can grab the PC version of Battlefield 1 for nothing. It's redeemable through Origin via the Origin Store or Origin Client.

Battlefield 1 (2016) takes the action to World War 1, where those who prefer doing things solo can enjoy six separate "War Stories," excellent mini-campaigns shown through the eyes of separate allied soldiers from different nationalities. But the main attraction is that 64-person multiplayer mode.

The game's successor, Battlefield V, arrives on Prime Gaming on Monday, August 2. You may remember that Battlefield V was the first game to support real-time ray tracing when it arrived back in 2018, and its World War II setting still looks good today. It sold 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018, though it was still fewer than half of what Battlefield 1 managed during the same period.

With Battlefield 2042 scheduled to release on October 22, this is a good opportunity to reconnect with the Battlefield series.

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As a long time BF player, BF5 doesn't interest me at this price. That game was a mistake, not because of the setting, but because they didn't do anything interesting with the setting.


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I find it interesting because of its graphics and open maps, content such as the very detailed vehicles.
The ultimate entropy in a mayhem of surprising action, but it would have been better to work on the way players unlock different parts of the map, so each player spawn in not so random, without a story and purpose except frags.

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It isn't free because Amazon Prime isn't free. I'd rather pay full price that give any money to a company that makes Wal-Mart look like a paragon of employee treatment.

I've gotten to the point now that pretty much anyone who regularly buys stuff from Amazon is a selfish prick who either doesn't care or makes lame excuses for themselves.


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Gotta love the Amazon haters.

I pay like $90 a year and save on free 1 day shipping, some products come the same day! Most movies are FREE way better then crappy NETFLIX, I get music for free, most products are cheaper. I can get Amazon brand energy drinks for a 1/3 of the price vs 5 hour I just got a new RGB Corsair keyboard for $42 that I ordered today and will be here tomorrow afternoon. While WALMART AND BETBUY wanted like $10 more and have to wait 5 days to get it. I built my Ryzen rig with most parts next day and a few bucks cheaper than going to BESTBUY which lack most high demand hardware and WALMART be it price and shipment speed. The warranties are the best I complained a few times and they let you keep the product and ship another one etc.

Will Amazon be awesome forever? Nope like any company they grow too big then they start to suck. Been happy with Amazon for almost 10 years.


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Both Battlefield 1 and V are plagued by cheaters, especially on European servers. Aimbot, God-mode, Wallhack, One-shot kill across the map with the most pathetic pistol, and EA is doing nothing about it. Better save your bandwidth.

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Both Battlefield 1 and V are plagued by cheaters, especially on European servers. Aimbot, God-mode, Wallhack, One-shot kill across the map with the most pathetic pistol, and EA is doing nothing about it. Better save your bandwidth.
Yeah, I remember when some guy on twitch was talking about how much better he is than everyone else but he was sloppy and a cheat program was visible on his screen. He never played or streamed again.

At least I think that it was Battlefield...
I began to read the comments and saw one saying that the game isn't free... lol.
So he wants a triple A like BF for free? There's a solution for this guy: be the owner's company.
I have no idea that exist Amazon haters. No one has courage to criticize Amazon in my country, but as always has been, you are free to play or sign whatever service or game you want.
Just try to accept those who don't have the same opinion as you... lol
If you a happy Amazon Prime user, redeem everything you can. Live your live!


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The amount of haters that live online is just amazing. A ton of sad hopeless individuals are doomed to die a miserable lonely death. LOL
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Seems the last few years people are hating for no reason. A good example is an article on this site about Bezo's going to space and a lot of people sign a petition so that he isn't welcomed back! Some other people here and also on YOUTUBE wanted him to die.

Good examples are police officers being hated on and other people wanted Trump dead. I mean why? What did that person do in your life to make you so angry?

Hate is triggered by FEAR & JEALOUSLY.


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Hate is triggered by FEAR & JEALOUSLY.

That's not quite true. Hate is often caused by injustice. For example, imagine someone stole your car and sold it. You report them to the police, and they tell them you sold your own car, illegally, and now you're blaming him. Police arrests you for selling the car without paperwork. You end up in jail, and the criminal ends up with money from your car in the pocket.

You hate him.

Is it because of jealousy?