amd 3200

By jason253
Aug 6, 2005
  1. Hello i have recently purchased a Abit-nf7 motherboard and a 3200 amdtm proccessor but it won't run at 3200 at 200 mhz it boots up but locks up during gameplay screensavers etc but if i run it at 2500+at 166 mhz there is no problems can anyone help. thanks jas
  2. Secondgunman

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    that 3200 is not the speed it is the "P rating" that tells the consumer that that CPU will do the same work as a P4 @ 3200. AMD Chips realy work at far less speed then an Intel because they don't need the speed or cashe that Intel needs.

    Think of AMD as UPS and Intel as Fedex you tell them both to do a package run and Fedex will fly around the world to get the package across the street and UPS will just walk it across the street.

    what you are doing is overclocking and I would never over clock you CPU more the 10% of its defalt speed... I think that is 1.6 Ghz but I would check the AMD website... I could do it for you but then you would not learn so you go do it and then set your speed to that.
  3. Didou

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    Identifying AMD processors
    • AthlonXP 3200+ -> 2200mhz (11x200mhz)
    You have to make sure the revision of the board supports the 200mhz FSB & you need to set it up with PC3200 at least. If these conditions are fufilled you also need to make sure you haven't got a faked 3200+.
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