amd 64 3500+ venice vs 3700+ san diego

By deano3041
Jul 26, 2005
  1. ok heres my delema i kno the 3500+ with a venice core is a great cpu for 267$ but now i see the 3700+ with a san diego core is only 323$ a 56$ difference which should not be too terrible of a problem for the san diego cores are suppoesdly better not to mention the 3700 has a 1 MB L2 cache as apposed to a 512 KB cache for the 3500+ is it really worth it to purchase the 3700+ over the 3500+???? by the way i will be doing mostly gaming on this PC and yes i already have a great graphics card (hopefully HIS Hightech x800xl)

    thanx for your opinions and any links to comparason charts or hype for either chip would be much appreciated
  2. drew8808

    drew8808 TS Rookie

    hmm sounds good to me

    cheaper + better = buy that sh!% :approve:
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