AMD 64 crashh

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hello , me name is juan , i have a amd 64 3000+ socket 754 normaly works at 2000mhz but says "max speed 2400mhz" never see my chip works at that speed , y have touch the FSB 200mhz normal, and i put to 205mhz and i get 2050mhz and 206 2066mhz, but the machine hang up at 5 min , maybe my motherboar is bad, i have an asus k8v-x , 1gb of ram at 400mhz kingston , geforce fx 5700LE 256mb, i like to know if is posible to increase te chip speed, beacuse on the bios the max prossesor speed seting is 2000mhz , only if i change the FSB to 205,206 i reach 2066mhz but the sistem hang up, what cant i do , change my entire machine??? , i want to change to amd 64 4500+socket 939 and get a pci express slot for new graphic cards ....


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Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your AMD64 3000 cpu should run at 2000mhz and not at 2400mhz.

Where did you see the max speed given as 2400mhz?

By raising your fsb you are overclocking, and this is why you are having stability issues.

Reset your fsb to 200mhz. this should solve your problem.

If you really want to oc your cpu, then take a look HERE first.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
thanks, for the answer, i see 2400mhz on the asus probe :"2000mhz actual clock speed" and below "2400mhz max clock speed


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It means the maximum speed that either the Socket or the core is supposed to reach, it doesn't mean the maximum speed your CPU can reach.
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