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Jun 7, 2005
  1. Does anybody have any idea how much better a 64 3200+ will perform in games over my xp 2800+ will there be a huge difference (considering buying, and i want to know if its worth the money)?
  2. thmandan22

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    Went through similar thoughts. AMD 64 3200+ will rock you XP3200+. Just get a 64bit OS and remember that you will need to get a new motherboard too. you could cut cost a little by going with teh AMD 64 3000+ or even 2800+ it is only a diffrence of appx. 5% performance but a appx 15% cost cut. you wont notive much diffrence between a 2.0ghz and a 2.2ghz. go for the 939 pin 64's too. and try to get the 365 day evaluation of X64 xp pro, or one of many 64bit linuxs'. You really see the diffrence one you put it to work with a 64 bit os. As far as i know it emulates 32bit on 32 bit os's. so if you dont change to a 64 bit OS it wont be much diffrent.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    There's no point in getting the 64-bit XP now, as there are no programs/games that can even use them.
    Go for a socket-939 AMD64 with a PCI-e motherboard, that way you are equipped for the future for a while. When you want to upgrade to a dual-core CPU, all you need is a new BIOS.
    Going the Intel way, you would also need to buy a new motherboard for dual-core CPUs.
  4. 2ndasscheek

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    thanks for the advice but is pci-e really that much better than apg?
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    It's definitely more expensive. At the moment it's not any better (or cheaper) if you have a top card like the Sapphire X850XT AGP Platinum Edition (also in PCI-e), which beats the nVidia 6800 Ultra!
    Both come at a premium though, X850XT from $440.-, 6800 U from $375.-

    To answer your original question, the AMD64 has better memory management and runs in Dual Channel mode.
    An AMD64-3200 will 'run/walk' circles around your XP2800+, (depending how 'good/bad' your current mobo is.
  6. 2ndasscheek

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    thanks real

    thanks for the info and im getting a new motherboard but dont some of the amds run a 1600mhz FSB which mobo would be best?
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